Gertrude’s Hair Salon Appt. March 2

ANDES — Gertrude’s Hair Salon, a monthly reading aloud experience and get-together inaugural evening is set for Thursday, March 2 at 6 p.m. at Diamond Hollow Books in Andes.

Hosted by Iris and Miles, the format of this salon is decidedly experimental: let it evolve based on what we make of it. Please bring a piece of writing, either your own or something you’ve read that moved you. It might be a poem, a chapter of a novel or an essay, something you read in the paper or an email from your boyfriend. It mighty be a grocery list, a manifesto or a prayer.

Size of the group will determine how much time we can allot to readings and responses. Children — and their contributions — are welcome. We’ll sit in chairs in a circle. Bring food and drink if you can. The snazzier the better.

Admission is free but everyone’s encouraged to leave a donation to make the flourishing of Diamond Hollow Books a little more likely. Diamond Hollow Books, 72 Main Street, Andes. For information, please call 347 262-4187.