NK Building Community Center

NEW KINGSTON — In the New Kingston Valley of Delaware County many a construction project starts with a deconstruction. On Saturday March 16, 20 volunteers headed to the New Kingston Presbyterian Church on Main Street in New Kingston to gut the entire basement of the building.
The New Kingston Valley Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to getting New Kingston neighbors together, is sponsoring the rehab of the old church basement, together with the Margaretville-New Kingston congregation, to turn it into a Community Center open to all in the New Kingston area, as well as continuing the 100+ years use of the basement for baptism, wedding and life celebrations.
Victor and Francine Lipko led the demolition crew and provided them with lunch. Victor Lipko, the President of the NKVA and an Elder of the Presbyterian Church, is spearheading the project.
He commented, “The New Kingston Church has been a focal point of this valley for 125 years. Most of the original families celebrated their life events there. It is wonderful to see a new breath of life being brought back to reunite all valley residents, both oldtimers and newcomers”
The volunteers got a good workout, tearing down moldy walls and ceiling tiles from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Wearing hazmat suits and masks, they filled an entire dumpster. The work went fast with so many helping hands and everyone is excited to dream about and discuss the events that would fill the Community Center in years to come.
A previous step to creating the Community Center was taken last summer when workers excavated around the church to keep water away from its walls. The next step will be to have plans drawn up allowing NKVA to raise funds for the project and solicit bids from contractors.
For more information about the Community Center Project, please contact Victor Lipko, President of the NKVA at NKVA@catskill.net or 845 586-3797
Fifteen of the 20 volunteers who donned hazmat suits and cleaned out the basement of the Presbyterian Church in New Kingston to make way for a Community Center